Monica Hruby - Tradutora Pública

President of the Association of Public Translators of the State of Rio de Janeiro since 2013, Monica works tirelessly to get public translators together in congresses and conventions, start dialogs among the state associations, watch out for the interests and well-being of Association members, and combat illegal activities in the area of public translation.

She has been a translator for more than 20 years and a public translator for nearly a decade, serving various government institutions, notably the courts, and large and medium-sized companies and law firms, with a focus on contracts, M&A, lawsuits and other legal actions. Monica is an attorney, with a law degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). She then specialized in arbitration and negotiation at the Getulio Vargas Foundation of Rio de Janeiro, and in international law at The Hague Academy of International Law, The Hague, Netherlands.

Monica was also an English teacher and has published two textbooks for EFL (English as a Foreign Language). She took a specialization course in translation at PUC-Rio.

Monica is often a guest lecturer at international congresses and conventions, where she discusses translation, the role of public translators and related subjects, as well as the peculiarities and complexities of legal texts and comparative law. She has also been active in working with translators’ associations to assist the Brazilian government’s transition to the new international system of legalizing documents: the “Apostille”.